Enhancing Patient Care through Increased Engagement

Blue Sky recognizes the importance of Patient Engagement in Patient care. Our software products make engaging the patients easier & less dependant on humans. updateNOW, our latest product, tackles the process of communicating with the patients in multiple settings, including Ambulatory, ER, and OR.


How many times have your patients been left to wait in the waiting rooms, or even worse – the parking lots, as the doctor is running late that day?

How many times does the already over-worked ER nursing staff has to respond to calls from the relatives of a patient asking for updates?

How do you tell the relatives that the surgery is currently going fine and they don’t have to crowd the OR waiting room for updates?

It is well known that the biggest challenge faced by the front-desk staff is effective communication with the patients. updateNOW is an attempt to lessen this problem. It is a tool that relays automatic messages and updates to the patients’ phones.

Imagine, the patients texting or calling a number to tell the staff that they have arrived. The system takes over & starts sending out messages about the guidelines, wait-times, missing information among other things. Of course, the nursing staff can also send their own messages. And all this without using any cell phone!

Similar use cases in the ER & OR help reduce the work-load on the staff and keep the patients & their relatives informed. Using updateNOW, multiple relatives, who could be sitting anywhere – from the waiting room to even another country – can get updates from the Hospital.

How It Works

updateNOW uses APIs and other tools to download the appointments, walk-ins and other information (OR Schedule, for example) from the EMRs. This schedule is tracked and, as and when the patients come in, the system starts to send out messages. It also shows the front-desk staff that the patient has arrived and allows them to send custom messages.

The OR & ER variations of updateNOW also operate on similar lines and are capable of picking up the updates from underlying systems.

updateNOW has an optional video analytics module that enables the system to automatically recognize the patients and pre-register them into the appointment system as they are walking into the facility. Once the system knows a patient has arrived, the system can complete the pre-registration process by the time the patient walks up to the registration desk – saving hours & hours of valuable time.

USPs & Features

Streamline the appointment booking process.

Improved communication when providing care and services.

Engaging patients and their family via SMS drives efficiency.

Timely patient information equals less tension in the waiting room.

Messages can be triggered by the EHR system without missing any critical updates.

The optional video analytics module enables pre-registration of the Patients.

Extracts Patient Records
from EMR

Notifications to Patients sent over Secure SMS messages

Canned and Free-Text Messages supported

Integration to Video Analytics for Pre-registration

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